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What? Gravity didn't win Best Picture, Best Actress or Best Production Design?

I'm not your average fanboy. If a film doesn't deserve to win an award, it shouldn't win it. I don't know if Gravity deserved to win best picture or best production design. But that being said, it definitely deserved a win for best actress. Sandra Bullock carried that entire film herself and came out of a self-imposed hiatus after her husband left her to do this film. Shooting was so stressful she wanted to walk off the picture every day. The emotions of anger and despair you see on screen are authentic. How many actresses can pull off barking like a dog? Certainly not Cate Blanchett...

Gravity won seven Oscars, editing, sound editing, sound mixing (is there a difference between the two?), visual effects, director, soundtrack and cinematography. All well deserved (Well, hard to tell with sound mixing. What's that category even about?)

Gravity Awards.png

Anyway, pretty disappointing ceremony this year. Sandra was robbed of an Oscar and so was Bruce Dern IMHO. Robert Redford didn't even get a nomination for All is Lost and Ellen was a terrible host. All she did was take selfies, order pizza and change clothes.

While I should probably be whining more as a fan of the movie, I don't know if Gravity's story arc was good enough for it to win best in show (although the film is one of the greatest cinematic achievements of all time and therefore should probably be recognized as such, but I don't know if cinematic achievement can beat 12 Years Oscar Bait, oops, I mean 12 Years a Slave). I have to give credit where credit's due and be fair. While I don't know if 12 Years a Slave deserved best picture (I would have given it to Her or Nebraska if I couldn't choose Gravity) I also don't know if Gravity did.