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This article is about the piece on the soundtrack. For the spacecraft, see Tiangong Station.

Tiangong is the fourteenth track on the Gravity Soundtrack. 

At over six minutes, Tiangong is one of the longest tracks on the album and an altered portion of the track is played over the end credits.

Mood and description[]

Playing during the scene where Dr. Stone makes her way to the Tiangong and then ejects towards it with a fire extinguisher, Tiangong starts off ghostly and quiet, similar to The Void. However, it slowly builds to a faster pace with violins eventually getting involved. The mood quickly escalates into a beautiful mixture of suspense and determination before exploding into a full-out suspense track similar to Debris that plays as Dr. Stone attempts to enter the Tiangong and get to the Shenzou capsule before the debris strike wipes it out.

Of all the tracks on the album, Tiangong is probably the hardest to describe because of its lengthy duraton and way of changing moods.