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"Sarah... She was four. Stupidest thing. A school trip to the swimming pool. She was playing tag- she slipped, hit her head, and that was it... She loved tag. I'm sure she was laughing. When I received the call I was driving and ever since that’s what I do. I wake up, I go to work and then I just drive."
―Ryan on her daughter's death in the script
Sarah Stone
Age 4 at the time of death
Gender Female
Occupation None

Sarah Stone was Dr. Ryan Stone's daughter (unseen in the movie). 

Character biography[]

While Stone and Matt Kowalski are making small talk to keep themselves calm, she mentioned that she was not married (possibly divorced), but had a daughter who she may have adopted. One day, when she was driving home from work and listening to the radio, she got a call that informed her that the 4-year-old Sarah slipped and fell at the playground during a game of tag, getting a head injury which killed her. Judging by the way that Ryan talked about her death, Sarah most likely died instantly. On her daughter's death, Dr. Stone said: "That was it. It was the stupidest thing". Ryan was devastated by this and spent her evenings after work taking long drives listening to NPR which was the station that was playing when she first heard the news of her daughter’s death in an attempt to push away from accepting it. Stone fell into a deep depression which left her guilt-ridden and angry at the world. Stone became withdrawn and decided eventually that she wanted to die and be with her daughter, claiming that she hoped to see her soon by committing suicide via Hypoxia in the Soyuz Capsule

Ryan told Kowalski in a prayer that her daughter had long brown hair that she did not like to comb, resulting in lots of knots. She also mentioned that Sarah lost her red shoe and was worried about it, but Ryan later found it under the bed. Ryan said that she was so proud of her daughter and missed her a lot.  



  • In the script, Sarah slipped and died at a school trip to a community pool. In the film, it is suggested to be a rainy playground.