STS-157 was the last space shuttle mission to service the Hubble Space Telescope from Gravity. Scientific advisor, Kevin Grazer stated that STS-157 took place in the fictitious recent past, not the future. 

It was also Matt Kowalski's final mission into outer space. 

Objective and mission eventsEdit

The mission's objective was to repair the data on the Hubble Space Telescope from the Explorer Space Shuttle and install Dr. Ryan Stone's imaging device.

The mission itself started out without trouble, but after a week in space, a Russian missile strike on a defunct satellite caused a hazardous debris field to be formed, posing a large threat to the mission.

Mission Control notified the Explorer, ordering them to abort the mission and return to Earth, but the Explorer had no time to evacuate the area. The debris field hit the Explorer and the Hubble Space Telescope, destroying the both of them. Evans and Thomas are killed on the shuttle when they are exposed to the vacuum while Flight Engineer Shariff Dasari was killed when a piece of debris punched a rectangular-shaped hole in his face. Matt Kowalski and Ryan Stone survived the initial debris strike, although Kowalski later sacrificed himself at the ISS to save Stone.


Possible CrewmembersEdit

Camera Crew Astronauts (Seen briefly in reflection on a visor, but not mentioned or indicated on the mission patch).


  • Dr. Ryan Stone.

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