Ryan orbital module

Ryan Stone inside the BO.

"So to land I need to get rid of the BO and Engine module, okay?"
―Dr. Stone on the BO

The Orbital Module (Also known as the B.O., short for Bytovoi otsek) was the upper spherical module of the Soyuz Capsule. It's primary uses are for habitation and storing supplies and the other cargo.

In GravityEdit

Ryan Stone entered the Orbital Module after escaping the fire at the International Space Station along with the Fire Extinguisher. After a sigh of relief, a loud, rattling explosion was heard. She proceeded down into the Command Module to prepare the undocking sequence.

The Orbital Module featured a docking mechanism, communication devices, a spare spacesuit, an airlock and the other supplies. The Orbital Module was disposed later in the film when Ryan Stone proceeded to the Tiangong Space Station.