thumb|392px|link=Kowalski's Corvette Story was one of the many stories that Lieutenant Matt Kowalski told Mission Control to pass the time during long spacewalks. 


Little was known about this one because Kowalski brought it up at the beginning after talking about how much he liked the MMU prototype, stating that he preferred his '67 Corvette. Kowalski asked them if he ever told Mission Control the Corvette Story, only to be rebuffed by Houston who told him that they knew the story, especially in Engineering. 

All of that was known about the Corvette Story was that Kowalski's car was from 1967 and the Engineering department heard about it many times than Mission Control. 

A Corvette was a sports car designed for racing that was equipped with a supercharged V8 engine that was capable of traveling at speeds of over 230 miles per hour. They are expensive, but nonetheless some of the most popular cars ever made, still being produced today.