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"We imagined this image of an astronaut floating into the void. It is metaphorically relevant to how part of life is trying to fight the inertia of where you're drifting."
―Jonás on the symbolism in Gravity.
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Jonás Cuarón is a Mexican film director, screenwriter, producer, editor and cinematographer.

Work on Gravity[]

He is the son of fellow director Alfonso Cuarón. Jonás co-wrote the highly acclaimed film Gravity with his father, who also directed. Jonás also directed the companion piece, Aningaaq. According to Alfonso, Jonás was responsible for reminding him to keep the story flowing with action, while he wrote many of the more sentimental parts.


He studied film at Vassar College. His first feature film, Año uña, that he directed, wrote and produced, was released in 2007. His uncle Carlos Cuarón is also a writer and director. His first film credit is a cameo as a child in Sólo Con Tu Pareja directed by his father, in 1991.

He is seen briefly in a photograph hanging at the ISS in Gravity. 



Interview with Jonas Cuaron

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