Gravity 472 18

The Soyuz Capsule is entangled in the parachute cables.

The ISS Parachute was accidentally deployed during the first debris strike of the International Space Station. 

Role in GravityEdit

As Lieutenant Matt Kowalski and Dr. Ryan Stone are floating around Earth's orbit, the ISS pulled into view, but there are clear signs of structural damage from the debris strike. The pair noticed that one of the Soyuz re-entry modules of the ISS was gone. The crew abandoned the station. The other Soyuz was damaged in the debris strike, resulting in a parachute being deployed and currently entangled around the station. Matt told her that while it could not bring them back to Earth, they could use it to get to a nearby Chinese space station, the Tiangong-1. Kowalski checked his propulsion pack: There are only two bursts left if they are lucky. At this time, Ryan's tank ran out of oxygen, but she had a small amount in her suit.

As their oxygen supplies began to bottom out, Matt fired the remaining bursts toward the ISS. As the two blasted forward, they struck the ISS and rolled forward – tumbling away from one another. Ryan successfully caught on to the part of the ISS’s paneling, but Matt was not so lucky, bouncing off the paneling and out to space. Their connection tether snapped, ripping Ryan free of the ISS and dragging her out into space. As they are pulled out into space, Ryan’s leg caught on the parachute cords of the Soyuz module – keeping her attached to the ISS. But, Matt saw that the connection was tenuous at best. His momentum from the continuous deceleration was going to pull her free and they would both die. Ryan realized that Matt was going to detach his suit from the connection tether and begged him not to, but Matt told her that she had to get back to the planet. He disconnected the tether and floated off.

Ryan barely made it inside the station and got to the Soyuz capsule after narrowly escaping a fire. Ryan glanced at her watch and realized that she had seven minutes to escape the ISS before the debris completed another orbit and wiped the remainder of the station out. She fired the thrusters and the capsule lurched free – away from the ISS before jerking to a stop suddenly. The parachute cables kept the Soyuz anchored to the ISS. The very thing that saved her life was now preventing her escape. She quickly dressed into a spare spacesuit and went outside the Zvezda Module and began releasing the parachute cables from the capsule as the debris strike arrived, blasting the ISS – deflected narrowly away from Ryan’s Soyuz. As the ISS was destroyed, Ryan scrambled back into the Soyuz and fired it away from the debris, remarking: "I hate space".