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This article is about the piece on the soundtrack. For the film, see Gravity.

Gravity is the sixteenth and final track on the Gravity Soundtrack


Like Shenzou, Gravity is a victorious, triumphant piece that also serves as emotional release. It starts off slow and quiet but builds to a plethora of violins and a soloist playing together to create an uplifting, satisfying feeling that flows through the human body. 

Contrary to popular belief, Gravity is not named after the film itself but the gravity that Dr. Ryan Stone experiences once again after landing on Earth. This is proven because Gravity plays when Stone takes her first steps on dry land after returning from space, still adjusting to the gravity. 

Despite all the attention to detail with the rest of the tracks, it's Price's final "Gravity" soundtrack cue, fittingly called "Gravity," that is his score's high point. As composer Steven Price revealed, however, it almost didn't exist.

"That cue was literally finished the night the film was finished," Price said. "We did so many different versions of it. At one stage, there might have been a song there. That theme playing there is Ryan's [the character Bullock plays] thing. It's planted, really, at the very opening of the film, and there are various treatments of it -- most of them quite abstract -- throughout. The idea of the end was a rebirth. The theme was heard there in its most obvious and fully melodic way. It kind of felt appropriate that we went for it. It was to honor what Ryan had done. It was to honor what anyone achieves when they make the decision to live their life."



Steven Price - Gravity Ending Music