This article is about the piece on the soundtrack. For the spacecraft, see Atlantis Space Shuttle.

Atlantis is the fourth track on the Gravity Soundtrack.

It is often thought by fans as the most eerie and ghoulish track on the album.


Atlantis plays during the scene where Dr. Ryan Stone and Matt Kowalski return to the Explorer Space Shuttle to retrieve the body of Shariff Dasari and look for survivors in the wreckage. They find the frozen, lifeless corpses of the two crew members, dead from anoxia as a result of exposure to the vacuum, and realize that they will have to go to the International Space Station and use its escape pods to get back to Earth. The two leave the spacecraft behind to an uncertain future. The mood of Atlantis is disturbing and distraught, meant to evoke the misery and fright experienced by the two surviving crew members.

Contrary to popular belief, Atlantis is not named after the oceans visible from space but rather the Atlantis Space Shuttle.