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This article is about the piece on the soundtrack. For the character, see Aningaaq.

Aningaaq is the twelfth track on the Gravity Soundtrack.


When Dr. Ryan Stone is stranded in the Soyuz Capsule, she accidentally contacts an Inuit fisherman named Aningaaq. This quiet, somber theme plays during this scene to illustrate how Ryan feels when hopelessness and isolation but also the beauty of outer space. Although it is quite hard to describe, Aningaaq is tragic, haunting and magical all at once when providing the mood of this scene; illustrating the emotions in Stone's head without words and almost projecting suicidal feelings into music along with invoking many powerful emotions in the listener. The theme suddenly gets suspenseful after Stone hallucinates that Kowalski is attempting to enter the Soyuz.

Aningaaq is often thought of as one of the best tracks on the Soundtrack for its interesting and complex nature. 


  • This is the third thing in the Gravity universe to be named after the character Aningaaq. There is the character, the short film and this track.