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Above Earth is the first track on the Gravity Soundtrack.


The mood of Above Earth is at first intense. This part plays over the opening cards, which tell about how space cannot possibly keep a human alive due to its extreme temparatures and lack of oxygen. As the cards get more bleak and unforgiving, the music increases in intensity and finally builds to a shatteringly loud climax which gives way to the film's title. Suddenly it is silent. Now the viewer is in outer space, along with the astronauts. For several minutes there is no music to allow for the characters to be introduced and developed. When Kowalski remarks about the view and looks up at planet Earth, the music becomes magical and beautiful to allow the viewer to admire the beauty of the planet. The music playing that evokes the Earth's beauty is often thought of as one of the finest pieces of music in the film, for its ability to allow many emotions to surface.


  • The part of Above Earth that plays when Kowalski looks down at Earth is played entirely on wine glasses by glass harmonica player Alasdair Malloy.



Gravity - Above Earth